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Our Product Catalogues

Are you looking for a specific product?

We offer you a comprehensive portfolio of products, solutions and services for everything related to the door, secure access to buildings and rooms as well as time recording with or without connection to ERP systems:

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Virtual Reality

More than just a marketing gadget

Virtual reality is revolutionizing the world of video games. But the technology is also increasingly being used by businesses. At dormakaba, we have already taken our first steps into virtual reality with our virtual company headquarters in the Alps.
Our Virtual Design Center Interactive is a modern presentation platform of our products in virtual reality. Using a VR headset you will immerse yourself in a whole new world.

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Project References

Our solutions and innovations in action

Discover some of dormakaba’s solutions in real life success stories. Learn how our innovative products, solutions, and services make life for our customers and end-users smart and secure throughout many different markets. 

As you read these stories you may become inspired by the potential aesthetic and functional improvements that dormakaba can bring to your project. 


Door Service

If you have a breakdown or malfunction, our emergency callout will assist you regardless of whether you have a service contract with us on dormakaba or similar non-dormakaba products.
We can be contacted during office hours by telephone or by
email. Contact can be made after hours or over the weekend
through our 24 hour emergency hotline.

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Evolo Smart

Making access smart and flexible.

Whether it’s for new employees, service providers who need access, or lost access media: with evolo smart, you can easily control access with your smartphone. You always keep track of everything and can react quickly and flexibly if needed. 

That’s how evolo smart makes your work easier.


Team dormakaba

Mountain Biking (MTB) is the fastest growing sport in South Africa. Given the country’s bountiful and diverse outdoor environments and excellent weather, it has become the golf of today’s modern business world.

With so many of our customers being MTB enthusiasts, we embarked on this partnership knowing it will speak to their personal interests and passion. Our involvement with team dormakaba has provided us with the unique opportunity to further strengthen our relationships with customers and has set us apart from our competitors.

Team dormakaba has become one of the premier MTB teams in South Africa