Smartphone door access

Using your smartphone as a smart key

Mobile access solutions

Mobile access – opening doors with your smartphone

The standard solution for securing access to buildings or offices is a physical access system that requires a key or other access media. However, a clear trend is emerging towards mobile access.

Demand for mobile access solutions is increasing, chiefly because mobile phones are extremely convenient, flexible and secure.

With an integrated smartphone-based solution, for example, users no longer need different keys, ID cards, tokens and passwords. Security is enhanced by the efficient and consistent use of strong authentication methods throughout a building's infrastructure. Smartphone access is also extremely flexible, it can be used not only for physical access control, but also for accessing PC systems and applications.

Our Mobile Access solutions enable employees, visitors and external service providers to gain authorized access to a building using just their smartphones. We offer different solutions tailored to your specifications and requirements.

The security of Mobile Access is of paramount importance. By using our special smart key security system, all digital access keys are securely encrypted and transmitted to each registered device.

Homes and small businesses

With the free evolo smart app, you can manage access via your smartphone. You can: send digital keys and grant access to your smart door lock for up to 50 users

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Small and mid-sized companies (SMEs)

Manage access to specific offices and spaces at certain times - with practical, user-friendly programming and maintenance.

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Large enterprises

If you’re a large corporation, people from all over the world may be entering and exiting your company building every day. Our solutions help you manage access control, attendance and badge management.

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