dormakaba 360° City

Our products come to life here: the dormakaba 360° City app

Explore the modern world of dormakaba. You can experience the broad product portfolio up close in this virtual city. A wide range of industries and solutions just waiting for you to discover.

The app offers all this:

The dormakaba 360° City app enables you to gain digital experience of using our broad product portfolio. The app features more than 80 products across five different sectors: industrial complex, private living, airport, hotel and healthcare.
A series of integrated videos enable you to become familiar with the functions of each product. You also have the option of switching between 14 language settings, without restarting the app. If you require more detailed information about products, you can easily switch back and forth at any time between the dormakaba 360° City app and the product browser.

Your tour guide through the virtual city

System requirements

The app also works on smartphones. Though the display area is reduced due to the small screen. For the ultimate dormakaba 360° City app experience, we recommend the following devices:

  • iPad Air 2 (2014) or later
  • Powerful Android tablets (from 2015)
  • Current Windows PC or laptop with gaming graphics card