Interior Glass Systems

Glass doors and walls endow architectural concepts with transparent elegance. Sophisticated patch fittings underline the harmonious symbiosis of functionality and design. A diverse range of hardware options allows the elegant realization of virtually any conceivable toughened glass construction.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: DORMA-Glas GmbH is part of the Aliante group, a global industrial group with presences in Europe, Middle East and North America and is therefore not part of the dormakaba group since 31 October 2021. dormakaba has agreed to permit employees of DORMA-Glas GmbH use of their dormakaba email addresses and referring to DORMA-Glas GmbH's product offering on the dormakaba website for a short period of time solely for the purpose of uninterrupted business conduct. DORMA-Glas GmbH can no longer make legally binding declarations for the dormakaba Group, but only for DORMA-Glas GmbH.

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