Product Summary

Easy-to-Use Software

SAM RF™ is a Windows-based program that offers point-and-click functionality for fast and easy key making, database management report creation, and work order processing. Just a few strokes of the keyboard complete the key programming process. SAM RF also has the ability to interface with existing property management systems.

Single or Multiple Properties: Flexible Solutions

SAM RF offers the ability to control multiple properties from a single database. This centralizes key control and the key making operation. Additionally, SAM RF Allows you to add multiple SAM RF databases to a single server, networking throughout your communities. This application allows site-level key control as well as overall administrative control at a centralized location.

Multiple Reports 

SAM RF users can request a variety of building management reports including an extensive transaction history. Other reports include unit key history, key-user history, keys made, limited-use audits, and lock audits.

Product Details

SAM RF Software is user intuitive from the moment of install. To make it easy, dormakaba can work with your management to set up the database to the property’s design.

  • SAM RF User Interface features drop down menus for programming keys, setting up users and authorizations, and generating system transaction reports.
  • Customizable authorization group setup gives your management control over employee access and keymaking restrictions.
  • SAM RF is ID and password protected for added security and administration.
  • Multiple database option allows for management of several properties from a single system.
  • Multiple and customizable key levels include: Resident, Zone, Master, Limited Use, and Emergency.

Audit Trail: InSync Locks maintain entry records by time, date and key ID information. Non-volatile memory maintains programming and audit information.

Dual Technology - Compatibility with Single-Key Convenience: A InSync RFID key with DUAL technologies features the standard HiTag, along with Prox, MIFARE®, or DESFire® technology. This allows for compatibility to many RFID access readers with the use of a SINGLE credendential and avoids additional costs for new access readers. It is a great solution for properties where a common credential is needed to work in tandem with hard wired access control systems.

InSync Configuration:

  • Unit Function: Designed for apartment entry, offices, utility rooms, and more.
  • Suite Function: Ideal for multiple lease per apartment situations, such as student housing. Should one resident lose a key, the new key issued will cancel out the lost key and allow continued access by roommates.
  • Common Function: Used for perimeter entries and amenity spaces. Property can set Common Locks with restrictions by time schedule and use. Great for "pay for use" amenity areas.

Technical Details

The SAM RF System includes the following components:

  • SAM RF System Software CD (contains the program software and the USB drivers)
  • Electronic Key Encoder Base
  • SAM RF System Utility Device
  • Electronic Keys – Preprogrammed (Construction) and Un-encoded (Key)
  • Power Source for the Electronic Key Encoder
  • USB Cable for the Electronic Key Encoder
  • USB Cable for the Utility Device
  • External Power Supply (EPS)


RF Key

With this new system, an encrypted code is programmed into the RFID key making it a unique communication credential. This credential carries information to the lock “instructing" it to either allow or deny access. Each exchange of information between lock and RFID key is stored, and available for audit inside the lock.

Rugged Durability

As information is relayed via RF waves, the RFID key communicates with the lock when inserted into the lock’s key port. The RFID key does not require Physical electrical contact points to connect to the lock. Instead, it gets it’s power and communications through proximity, giving it a tremendous advantage over metallic conductors that need protection from corrosive elements and the physical frictional wear of repeated used. The RFID key is made of a special polymer that is impervious to moisture. It can be inserted into the key port in any direction to activate the lock.

Single-Key Convenience

The RFID key is ideal for use in residential communities, especially those that offer a variety of amenities. One RFID can operate private residence locks as well as multiple common access area locks of management’s choosing.

Wireless Wonder

RFID keys work continuously, expire at specifically programmed times, or when cancelled by the operating system. An expiration date is programmed on each key when it is made. An RFID key can be reprogrammed as many times as necessary and will automatically cancel-out the previous RFID key (in the event it is lost or stolen) without reprogramming the lock.

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