Product Summary

The Saflok Odyssey™ has been discontinued. Limited parts and support may be available. Download support material below or contact a support representative for additional information using one of the phone numbers from the contact section.

Product Details

  • High security and tamperproof design
  • 1” solid deadbolt (optional auto deadbolt)
  • Staff monitoring - Keycard audits (RFID and smartcard)
  • Tracking mortise for door ajar reporting
  • Emergency access: emergency key, mechanical key (QuantumII) and electronic override

Technical Details

Description: Electronic mortise lockset with 1" (25.4mm) throw deadbolt and 5/8" (15.9mm) dead-locking latch bolt

Handing: Factory-handed mortise (left, right, left reverse, right reverse)

Lever: ADA compliant

Deadbolt: 1" (25.4mm) throw deadbolt and 5/8" (15.9mm) dead-locking latch bolt

Door Thickness: 1 ¾" (44.5mm) to 2 ⅛" (53.98mm) for standard product

Housing Construction:

  • Escutcheons: Stainless steel or brass
  • Levers: Brass, zinc, or stainless steel

Standard Finishes: Bright chrome, bright brass, satin chrome, satin brass, dark mahogany

Inside Trim Options: Optional äd se or MT inside escutcheon 
Standard Backset: 2 ¾" (69.9mm) from door edge to lever

Locking Options:

  • ANSI lock case with 1 ½" or 1" lock front mortise
  • Options: automatic deadbolt, door ajar, MKO
  • European lock case mortise (20 x 165 mm) with 20 x 233 mm lock front mortise

Online Configurations: Messenger Ready - DAJ mortise (ANSI lock case), Standard (stand alone) inside escutcheon

Messenger Online - Lock controller board with Messenger capability, DAJ mortise (ANSI lock case), Inside escutcheon equipped with Messenger module

Batteries: Alkaline -Four AA battery pack

Audit Trail: Up to 4,000 events

Disability Feature: RCU readers interface with automatic power operated doors for special openings

Standard Factory Warranty: Two years

Extended Warranty: Saflok SAFGARD Service Plans (Platinum, Gold, Silver)


  • ADA compliant levers
  • Certified to ANSI / BHMA A156.13 mortise locks (Grade 1)
  • Certified to ANSI / BHMA A156.25 electrified locks (Grade 1)
  • Meets UL 10C and UL 10B, on fire-rated door up to and including three hours
  • Environmental Operating Conditions

    • Inside -32°F to 151°F (0°C to 66°C)
    • Outdoor side: -31oF to 151oF (-35°C to 66°C)
    • 0% to 85% non-condensing humidity at 86°F (30°C)


Low Maintenance

  • Batteries last up to 2 years
  • Low battery indicator alerts staff
  • Lock programming and audit are not erased during battery replacement
  • Wear resistant construction and finish
  • Audit Trail: Up to 4,000 events


  • Suitable for small to very large scale housing factilites
  • Easily replaces existing mechanical or electronic door locks
  • Access control for guest rooms, common areas, and back-of-the-house
  • The Saflok locks work with the Windows-based System 6000™ Access Control Software, Messenger™ online wireless system and DeskLinc™ front desk system.

Saflok ädesē®
Saflok ädesē®

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