Product Summary

Nova-D smart RFID deadbolt lock offers the highest longevity and latest technology for multihousing properties. This heavy-duty deadbolt improves resident security and simplifies access management.

Mobile Access Solutions
This Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) capable lock can operate using the dormakaba Mobile Access Solutions, allowing residents to use their mobile devices as their key.

  • No touring allows property managers to assign and remove access without visiting the locks
  • Multiple key levels for residents, staff, vendors, and visitors
  • Ability to use smart device as secure key with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology
  • Audit trail reports most recent 4,000 events
  • Integrates with third-party systems and solution developers for energy management, IOT, Resident communication, and more
  • Standard with two years warranty

Product Details

Security Features

  • Sealed RFID reader improves security
  • Engineered for use in extreme environmental conditions for maximum reliability
  • Non-volatile memory prevents lock programming and audits from being erased during a battery change


Low Maintenance, Easy Installation

  • Battery life up to 2 years
  • Low battery indicator alerts staff to minimize downtime
  • Upgradeable lock firmware for future enhancements
  • Single credential, single operating system to control perimeter and amenity entries


The following dormakaba components are needed for a full functionality Nova-D Deadbolt lock:

  • Nova-D RFID smart deadbolt
  • dormakaba RFID credential encoder
  • dormakaba Maintenance Unit
  • Keys and/or credentials
  • Community access management software


  • dormakaba Mobile Access Solution Program – if you would like to deploy the digital key throughout your property


  • Small to large-scale multihousing properties
  • Compatible with dormakaba Community access management software
  • New construction and retrofit applications
  • Replacement for existing mechanical deadbolts
  • Installs on standard door prep
  • Access control for resident units, common areas and perimeter access

Nova-D heavy-duty deadbolt lock, RFID, Mobile access capable
Mobile Access Blue Sky

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