Product Summary

InSync locks work together with SAM RF software to create a single system that manages both key and access control at perimeter entries, amenity and utility doors as well as apartment or bedroom doors. With the InSync system, administrators only need to program the locks once; the software continually manages critical informational changes such as access privileges and move ins/outs. This information is delivered automatically to each lock via the InSync key once the “New” version of the key is created and used in the locks. Only one key is required for use at multiple access points, creating a convenient and efficient “No Touring” user experience. InSync lock models accommodate virtually all door types and preparations, and common area/amenity applications. The locks feature contemporary finishes and lever options to complement today’s design trends.

  • Unit — Designed for apartment entry, offices, utility rooms, and more
  • Suite — Ideal for multiple leases per apartment, such as student housing
  • Common — Used for perimeter entries and amenity spaces
  • Entry — Used to make an InSync Unit lock behave like a hotel lock; the lock will always automatically re-lock behind a resident
  • Suite Egress — Used to make a Suite lock act like a Unit lock where the key or the thumbturn is used to manually re-lock the lock

Product Details

The InSync Access Control System has different configurations to accommodate various applications, from unit and suite to elevator and pool access. 

InSync I and D Unit Locks

The I and D unit configurations provide operational functionality for individual entry doors. Rotation of the inside thumbturn or the inserted RFID key extends or retracts the 1" dead bolt locking or unlocking the door. In the locked position, only duplicate resident and authorized service keys can access the unit. Unit locks are programmed with one resident code (change key). Each key made with one resident code can have up to 64 unique identity codes.

InSync M and L Unit Locks

The M and L unit configurations provide true residential entry lock functionality. Each time the inside lever is rotated, the lock goes into a “toggled” condition which eliminates the possibility of lock outs. When the key is inserted into the lock after egress, the lock is placed back into a locked position. An audit trail is created and stored within the lock for each occurrence. The inside thumbturn, when turned, will toggle the lock between unlocked and locked. Multiple residents can have access to the same unit if needed. All residents are completely unique in the system and are tracked individually.

InSync I, D, M and L Suite Locks

The suite configuration allows ingress and egress to multiple residents who need to access individual unit doors located behind the suite door. A resident uses the InSync I and D suite locks just like a traditional door lock.  The resident throws the dead bolt using the interior thumbturn or rotating the key in the lock after ingress or egress to relock the door. M and L suite locks have no interior thumbturn and always remain in a locked position after ingress or egress. Suite locks can recognize up to 20 unique resident codes.

InSync RAC Common Area Access

InSync RAC and CP products are available as either standalone battery- operated door locks or hard-wired AC/DC electrically powered devices designed to work in conjunction with other electronic latching hardware.
RAC works in conjunction with remote access points including elevators, outdoor pools, roll-up garage doors, parking arms, electric strikes, magnets, and telephone entry systems. 

Technical Details

InSync I Electronic Interconnect Lock Set and InSync D Electronic Deadbolt

  • 1" deadbolt (D, I)
  • 2⅜" (60mm) or 2¾" (70mm) backset (D, I)
  • Interior thumbturn (D, I)
  • Standard deadbolt door prep (D, I)
  • Door thickness: 1⅜" – 2" (D, I)
  • Interconnected single motion egress (I)
    • When the inside lever is rotated, both latch and deadbolt are simultaneously retracted
  • ADA-compliant levers and thumbturns (I)
  • UL certified for use on fire-rated doors: 20-minute rating (D, I)
  • Environmental: Indoor/Outdoor approved (D, I) -31 °F to 151 °F (-35 °C to 66 °C)
  • Uses 4 AA batteries (D, I)

InSync M Electronic Lock with ASM Mortise and InSync L Electronic Lock with Tubular Deadlatch

  • ½" tubular deadlatch (L)
  • 2⅜" (60mm) or 2¾" (70mm) backset (L)
  • UL certified for use on fire-rated doors: 20-minute rating (L)
  • Interior thumbturn (Unit models only) (L, M)
  • Complete lever set/single motion egress (L, M)
  • 1" automatic deadbolt (ADB) (M)
  • 2¾" (70mm) backset (M)
  • UL certified for use on fire doors: 20-minute rating or 3-hour rating (M)
  • 8" mortise lock (M)
  • ¾" dead-locking latch (M)
  • ADA-compliant levers and thumbturns (L, M)
  • Environmental: Indoor/Outdoor approved (L, M)
    • -31 °F to 151 °F (-35 °C to 66 °C)
  • Uses 4 AA batteries (L, M)

InSync C Series - RAC Remote Access Controller, CP Electronic Lock for Exit devices, CL Electronic lock with Tubular Deadlatch and CM Electronic lock with ASM Mortise

  • Remote control unit (RCU) switch works with electrified locking devices (RAC)
  • Controls electronic strikes and magnetic latches up to 24 volts AC/DC (RAC)
  • Functions as elevator control unit (ECU) with a single relay (RAC)
  • Available in flush or surface mount (RAC)
  • Works in conjunction with rim and vertical exit hardware for common area doors (CP)
  • Interfaces with industry-leading exit devices (CP)
  • Compatible with a variety of rim and surface mount vertical rod panic hardware (CP)
  • ½" tubular dead latch (CL)
  • Single motion egress with common area electronics (CL, CM)
  • ¾" anti-pick latch (CM)
  • Available with UL 20-minute or 3-hour rating (CM)
  • Environmental: Indoor/Outdoor approved (RAC, CP)
    • -31 °F to 151 °F (-35 °C to 66 °C)

Finishes for all models: (*Check for availability)

  • Satin Chrome
  • Satin Brass
  • Bright Chrome
  • Bright Brass
  • *Dark Mahogany
  • *Satin Nickel

InSync™ D
InSync™ L
InSync™ I

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