dormakaba Terminal 97 00

  • time_attendance_Terminal_97_00

    1/3dormakaba Terminal 97 00

  • Zeiterfassung Terminal 97 00

    1/3Zeiterfassung Terminal 97 00

  • time attendance Zeiterfassung Terminal 97 00

    1/3dormakaba Terminal 97 00

  • time_attendance_Terminal_97_00
  • Zeiterfassung Terminal 97 00
  • time attendance Zeiterfassung Terminal 97 00


The dormakaba Terminal 97 00 sets standards in function and design. And it also saves energy thanks to the proximity sensor. The versatile modular solution stands for modern and easy time and attendance recording, smart access management and targeted employee communication. You can configure the user interface as you like. The display can be designed in the company look, with customised background images, colours, signal sounds, apps and (multimedia) content. Additional options like a biometric reader or camera round off the flexible system that can be customised to corporate requirements.

  • Perfect form and function:

  • Brilliant 7” touchscreen
  • Attractive standard interface
  • Freely configurable user interface (with company CD, for instance)
  • Company-specific app integration
  • Power-saving proximity sensor
  • Supports current RFID readers
  • Power supply options: 230V AC, 24V DC and Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Integrated microphone and speaker
  • Video function
  • WLAN and mobile connection
  • Network integration via Ethernet interface
  • Easy set-up thanks to 1-click installation
  • Optional biometric reader
  • Optional camera system
  • Compatible with predecessor versions

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