dormakaba BIM Objects

Our comprehensive BIM download service covers the majority of the products in the dormakaba portfolio. The BIM objects are available in various file formats (Graphisoft ArchiCAD, Autodesk Revit). You just need to use the download links below in order to integrate our BIM object packages into your software system.

Movable Glass Partitions
pic_bim moveable glass

Revolving Doors
pic_bim revolving doors

Automatic Sliding Door Systems and Operators
pic_bim sliding doors

Automatic Swing Door Systems and Operators
pic_bim swing door operators

Door Closers
pic_bim closers
Manual Sliding Door Systems
pic_bim manual sliding doors

Speed Gates
pic_bim half height sensor barriers

pic_bim tripod barriers

Fittings for Glass Swing Doors
pic_bim patch fittings

Panic Hardware
bim panic hardware