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dormakaba understands the value of your access control system investment. As technology and innovation continues to advance, dormakaba is committed to helping our clients continue to benefit from their access control systems. dormakaba strives to make electronic access control support services available to allow our dealers and integrators to perform maintenance on legacy systems.  


If you own or use a product listed here, please read the following announcement System 700 / 700-II 710 / 710-II / 740 ILCO 76x / 77x ILCO 79x Confidant [ILCO] Q90

Attention ILCO Magstripe and RFID Customers

If you are a user of the ILCO lock models listed or pictured above, this alert is to inform you that ILCO Magstripe locks will no longer function beginning on November 24, 2021 at 8pm local time. In addition, RFID lock systems will lose their audit capabilities on this date.   

dormakaba has developed an update solution for each lock model and system. To learn more about the issue and schedule a date and time for your update solution, please visit or email dormakaba directly at If you prefer you can speak with our dedicated Customer Resolution Center at 1-800-896-2017.

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