Product Summary

UL Listed magnetic lock that meets the requirements for Class I, Division 2 applications.

The 171HD offers continuous monitoring capability for open/close status or attempted unauthorized entry. The fail-safe magnets offer the ability to securely lock fire exit doors, while also powering down when signaled to do so by an appropriate door control unit. Designed for easy installation and maintenance, the 171HD will accommodated most doors and frame conditions without requiring a filler plate or a special bracket.

Hazardous Locations Door Holders:

  • Category – FDGF
  • Tested to UL228 - door closers-holders with/without integral smoke detectors
  • File Number – E146590

Releasing Devices:

  • Category – SZNT
  • Tested to ANSI/UL864 - control units and accessories for fire alarm systems
  • File Number – S5020

Product Details

  • Low projections from header. This will accommodate most door conditions without the need for filler plate or special bracket
  • Low energy consumption; 0.26 amp @ 24VDC 0.50 amp @ 12VDC
  • 1200 lbs. holding force
  • Door position switch (DPS) standard feature
  • Built-in surge protection.
  • Easy installation and maintenance.
  • No pins, latches or moving parts to avoids failure that could impede safe egress in an emergency situation.
  • Satin anodized aluminum finish

Technical Details

  • 14“W x 1-3/4“H x 2“D (355mm x 45mm x 51mm)
  • Armature Plate: 10-3/4“W x 1-3/4“H x 5/8“D (273mm x 45mm x 16mm
  • Current Draw 0.50 AMPS @12VDC; 0.26 AMPS @ 24VDC
  • Wire Color Code Orange/Orange (12VDC); Red/Red (24VDC)
  • Holding Force 1200 LB (544 KG)


  • RCI AB179NR-258 1/2”H x 2-5/8”Wx 14”L single angle bracket  with no reveal.
  • RCI AB179R-118-158 1”H x 1”W x 14”L single angle bracket  with -1/8” to 1-5/8” reveal.
  • RCI AB179R-58-1 1-1/2”H x 2”W x 14”L single angle bracket with 5/8” to 1” reveal.
  • RCI FP178-12 1/2”H x 1-1/4”W x 14”L single filler plate.
  • RCI FP178-58 5/8”H x 1-1/4”W x 14”L single filler plate.

RCI 171HD Magnetic Lock

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