XEA: Ten elements of aesthetics

XEA Design

What we mean by XEA 
The XEA design language is based on a comprehensive, standardised position, consistently taking into account our own requirement for compatibility, high quality, innovation, perfection and aesthetics as stipulated in ten points. This all aims to unite basic designs, colours and surface finishes in a single, standardised appearance: XEA combines
dormakaba's product and corporate worlds to form a universal design that speaks a recognisable language in terms of content and visual presence.

1. Identifiable brand products
Each XEA product can be clearly identified as a dormakaba product by features such as our logo on the front of the product.

2. Intuitive symbols
All symbols used are reduced to their most essential elements, are easy to understand and have a high recognition factor.
3. Standard surface finishes
XEA unifies four standard basic colours, which can be easily combined for all products. The XEA colour numbering system allows different components to be brought together worldwide.
4. Clear design language
The XEA design language is based on monolithic structures which are defined by flat, two-dimensional surfaces. Radii and sharp edges are contrasted.
5. Intuitive user interfaces
All user interfaces feature a reduced, standardised design, have a high recognition factor and are operated intuitively.
6. Contrasting surface finishes
Thanks to the contrast between light and dark and between matt and glossy surface finishes. This makes the individual functional sections easily identifiable on our products.
Many dormakaba products are fitted with a surrounding housing frame, which also provides protection against external influences.
8. Multi-layered compositions
Some XEA products stand out due to a visible, multi-layered structure. The decorative cover screens, for example, feature strong materiality due to a visible edge.
9. LED indicator
If XEA products feature LED light strips which signal access, guide people or indicate status. Thanks to standardised form and function, the different applications are quickly learned in all products.
10. Customised design
Selected and specially complied materials and colours offer a wide scope of solutions, which either blend in with the architecture or add individual style to their surroundings.​​​​​​​