Mechanical Key Systems

Safety in an emergency - lock cylinders that can save lives.

User requirements for a building or apartment can vary considerably. In industrial buildings, hotels, hospitals, commercial buildings, blocks of flats or a private residence, the building conditions and door situations vary from site to site. 

In everyday life, we usually need to weigh up security and convenience when it comes to access to the building or individual building areas. Mechanical, mechatronic and electronic solutions and keys are often used in such cases.

However, security in an emergency should not be disregarded. In an emergency, it must be possible to leave a building safely and the emergency services must be able to reach hazardous areas quickly in order to save lives.
For this reason, the relevant doors should be equipped with lock cylinders which also release in an emergency. 

  • Our lock cylinders are fire-protection tested according to EN 1634-1 or EN 1634-2 and comply with high security requirements.
  • Free rotation on a lock cylinder with FZG version together with an SVP lock.

Product details

A rush to the panic doors? The path is free.
Freewheel cam for gear operated or panic locks (FZG)

Your requirements:
You want to be sure that panic doors will open easily and reliably if something happens. 

Principle of operation:
When using an anti-panic lock, the FZG version of the lock cylinder ensures that the lock cylinder cam can
always be rotated freely once the key has been withdrawn – even if pressure is applied to the cam during this process by someone actuating the panic push bar.