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Kaba x-lock motor lock

Kaba x-lock motor locks are particularly well suited to staff entrances and doors in public buildings and archives.

The right lock for doors with a mechanical panic lock and special requirements for extended access control and increased surveillance. Its field of use is doors through which many people pass, for which various locking options are required and which are to be integrated into access control solutions. Examples include staff entrances, doors in public buildings, archives, etc.


Product details

  • Exit is always guaranteed by means of the anti-panic function using the lever handle.

  • Locked mode of operation (night), unlocked mode (day) + released mode (pulse = release, duration = public)

  • Bolt throw 20 mm using spring mechanism

  • Patented double-action bolt system

  • Self-locking with process safeguard against incorrect operation

  • Can be used for DIN door hinges on the left or right

  • Contacts: Lever handle, door position, bolt position, data cable and cylinder

  • Control via fire alarm system

  • Pulse activation time can be set directly to between 1 -19 seconds

  • Inner side panic function (continuous follower)

  • Certified emergency exit lock (EN 179) and panic lock (EN 1125)

  • Available in various forend versions

  • Various Kaba x-lock locking plates are available

The Kaba x-lock locking plate and forend range for many different requirements.

The Kaba x-lock command component for motor locks is used in combination with a motor lock.

The uniform Kaba x-lock data cable in a range of lengths.

Kaba x-lock door furniture is available for full-leaf and hollow profiled doors. The items of door furniture are certified in accordance with EN179 and comply with resistance class ES1 in line with DIN 18257 and the fire safety requirements of the VST (Association of Swiss Door Manufacturers).

Kaba x-lock panic push bars are available for full-leaf and hollow profiled doors. The panic push bar, certified in accordance with EN 1125, is used on the inside of the door with a certified item of outside door furniture.

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