dormakaba keylink. No matter what tomorrow brings: you can take it in your stride.

  • Kaba Keylink Schliessplan

    1/2Kaba Keylink Schliessplan

  • Keylink Planung

    1/2Keylink Planung

  • Kaba Keylink Schliessplan
  • Keylink Planung

Product Summary

Mechanical locking systems planned with Kaba keylink are adaptable and expandable. Where previously classically planned systems could hardly or only very laboriously and at high cost be changed, keylink now makes organisational adjustments easier to solve within the company.
The locking system can be adapted to the new conditions. And all this with little organizational effort and manageable costs.
This means that the locking cylinders and keys are already planned during the system design phase so that future changes or extensions are possible.

  • Flexible planning method for mechanical locking systems.
  • Planning based on company organisation and space zones.
  • Access rights can be adapted at any time through new key issuance.
  • Almost unlimited expandability of the locking system.
  • Consistently high security standard at every expansion level.
  • Highest possible flexibility, which can be achieved with a mechanical locking system.
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