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Traditionally, locking systems are designed with the aid of a locking plan. This locking plan defines which keys are allowed to open which doors. In this way, the locking plan helps to maintain control over the system.
In the example opposite, the master key held by the managing director would open all the doors in the building. Group key A opens the entrance door and all doors on the ground floor. This key is kept by the floor manager. The same applies to group key B. Finally, each employee has a key that opens the main entrance door, his own office door and his filing cabinets.

These keys enable each user to cover the authorisations applicable to him within the locking plan hierarchy with a single key. They work with a wide variety of cylinders, such as door cylinders, furniture cylinders, switch cylinders, etc.

Product Details

A traditionally planned locking system from dormakaba offers the following advantages:

  • A locking system that is adapted to your needs, regardless of the type of building, e.g. residential or commercial, simple and easy to understand.
  • If required, the system can be integrated into your access control system so that you have an overview of both mechanical keys and electronic media in one place.
  • The keys can be equipped with clips in various colours. This gives you the option of assigning certain clip colours to a zone or function for organisational support.


A master key plan is the essence of modern mechanical access control. It is recommended for all types of building, from residential houses and apartment blocks through to medium-sized or large organisations with a hundred keys or more. This becomes particularly important in the following cases:

  • Keeping control of who holds which key to which room for security reasons.
  • To eliminate the need to carry too many keys, i.e. convenience.
  • For safety reasons, e.g. when emergency services need quick, round-the-clock access to all rooms without having to search for the right key, e.g. in nursing homes, old people’s homes or in student accommodations.

Master Key Systems

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