Product Summary

Fire protection has never been so simple: fit, insert battery pack and switch on. You are now on the safe side. You no longer need to alter the building fabric or install complicated electrical wiring to connect systems to the mains thanks to G-UBIVIS XEA.

  • Flexibility on construction sites
  • No 230 V wiring
  • No dependence on other work being completed first
  • As per DIN SPEC 1104/CEN/TR 15894
  • Easy upgrading without altering the building structures
  • Attractive XEA design

Product Details

Exclude fire without wiring power.

G-Ubivis XEA does not require a 230 V mains connection, but still complies with statutory requirements as effectively as its sister products from dormakaba. This is made possible by a newly developed hold-open technology which is extremely energy-efficient in its function. Instead of permanently power-consuming electric magnets, this system uses a combination of permanent and electric magnets.

The battery has a service life of about 16 months and should be replaced during yearly maintenance.


Easy installation
The advantages are obvious: the stand-alone installation makes it possible to connect the system without an electrician. There is also no need to alter the existing building fabric, e.g. to install new power cables.

Another advantage is the easy upgrading of the slide channel hold-open system in all G-N slide channels due to compatible drilling templates.


New possibilities for planners and architects

The system presents its full advantages particularly in the upgrading of existing stock. In many cases, preservation regulations for historic buildings prohibit major alterations of the structures, such as the installation of power cables. Furthermore, the product can be recommended for barrier-free building in calls for bids complying with DIN 18040 and DIN SPEC 1104/CEN/TR 15894.

Acclaimed design
Thanks to its compact construction, G-Ubivis XEA fits perfectly into nearly any design concept.
With its numerous colour and surface versions, the acclaimed XEA design offers many options for customisation along with high flexibility.

Before installing and using G-Ubivis XEA it is mandatory to check the local laws and regulations in regards to battery powered hold-open devices since battery powered hold-open devices are not covered by a harmonized standard.


Door Closer G-Ubivis XEA Iso
Door Closer G-Ubivis XEA

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