Product Summary

A New Generation in Time and Attendance Data Collection

dormakaba sets the standard in innovative data recording, and we’ve done it again with the 97 00 terminal. The terminal 97 00 performs a wide range of tasks, with a design that includes clean-cut lines and a modern graphical user interface.

Product Details

  • Suitable for practically all types of organizations in all industries
  • Seven-inch touchscreen with user friendly display
  • Easy network integration via Ethernet interface
  • Customizable to your specific processes and operational environment
  • Durable, scratch-resistant glass surface suitable for industrial environments
  • Ability to integrate seamlessly into your IT environment
  • Support for all conventional RFID readers and fingerprint sensors
  • Optional camera system
  • Power supply options include Power over Ethernet (POE), 120VAC, and 24VDC
  • Integrated microphone and speaker
  • Video function
  • Uses software that makes maintenance and the addition of new apps incredibly simple
  • Easy installation, typical of the B-web terminal family


The dormakaba Terminal 97 00 features the B-inspired solution, which is suitable for various types of organizations in all industries. It is configurable according to your specific processes and operational environment.

The terminals have an ultra-modern design, making user adoption easy. The terminal's resilient material and scratch-resistant glass surface make it adaptable to industrial environments. With the Terminal 97 00, organizations can seamlessly integrate modern functionality and intuitive design into their existing IT environment.

97 00 Terminal
97 00 Terminal Menu
9700 Terminal Scan Badge

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