Product Summary

Automate your Time Collection Process and Realize Substantial Savings

The b-comm solution allows you to collect, and send employee time and labor data to your PeopleSoft Time and Labor system in a seamless and efficient manner. b-comm is a proven, Oracle-validated solution that is compatible with various data collection devices.

This solution allows you to eliminate delays and helps ensure accuracy of the collected pay data. With this approach, your organization will be empowered in making day-to-day critical business decisions.

Product Details

  • Proven, validated integration to PeopleSoft Time and Labor
  • Real-time view of employee activities, including punch times, labor data, and elapsed time
  • Employee Self-Service functionality via self-service kiosks
  • Support for simple task name and multi-level recording of task data
  • Simple, intuitive user interface
  • Supports the following communication protocols: Ethernet, HTTP(S), XML, and radio frequency
Oracle PeopleSoft

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