Product Summary

The 96 00 Series terminal makes a very attractive choice with its ease of use and elegant, compact design with a touchscreen. It is the ideal entry-level solution for simple time recording and access control applications.

The 3" touchscreen not only makes it easy to operate but can also provide the user with company news or personal information.

Product Details

  • Three-inch touchscreen with integrated speaker
  • Simple network integration via Ethernet interface
  • Mini USB port for connecting external readers such as a 2D barcode scanner
  • Choice of Power over Ethernet (PoE) or 12 V DC power supply
  • Integrated speaker
  • Audio functionality
  • Compact, streamlined, modern design, easy to use
  • Simple to install, as with the rest of the dormakaba terminal family


The 96 00 Series Terminal for time recording is available in four different versions.

The Terminal 96 10 can register the working hours of up to 50 employees. It has an offline operating mode and decides independently whether access is authorised or not. The terminal is particularly well suited to small companies such as bakeries, joiners, butchers, restaurants and garages.

The 96 20, 96 40 and 96 60 variants offer greater functionality which, in contrast to the Terminal 96 10, can be expanded at any time to suit your requirements. This means that you can create a 96 60 by adding options to a 96 20, for example.

The 96 20 variant can manage the details of 200 people as standard. The terminal can be operated either offline or online.

In addition to access control, the 96 40 also has CardLink, which allows you to integrate offline door components into your online access solution. This can all be done without using any cables.

The Terminal 96 60 is the fully expanded version. It can manage the details of up to 10,000 employees, has CardLink in addition to access control and transmits encrypted access record data to parent control units.

In addition to standard expansions, such as managing more employees or opening and monitoring a door, customised expansions are also possible. This includes configuring the user interface as well as integrating additional readers via a USB connection.

terminal 96 00
terminal 96 00 side angle view
96 00 terminal menu

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