STUDIO Gala 2.0

Studio Gala-beslagen för innerdörrar av glas utmärks av låsens och tryckenas harmoniska former och detaljer. De är perfekta för den som föredrar enkel elegans och stilren design.

  • High level of security and quality thanks to premium and robust lock technology
  • Easy and flexible to mount
  • High level of personalization due to color and lock variety
  • Quiet closing due to noise-insulating materials
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  • Long lifetime - 200,000 motion cycles of the latch function and the bolt were tested
  • Whisper-comfort noise reduction for quiet door closing
  • Adjustable handle position
  • Spring-supported fastening nut for exact handle positioning
  • Existing frames can be used
  • Freely adjustable return spring force

  • According to EN 12209
  • Max door leaf weight, 45 kg; max. door leaf width, 1000 mm
  • UV, PZ, BB, Kaba cylinder lock design
  • Design: 1- / 2-panel, side panel

You can find additional technical information in the technical documents for download.

For use on toughened-glass interior doors, e.g.

  • Doctor's offices
  • Hotel rooms
  • Office rooms
  • Private residences