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Bürgenstock Hotels and Resort Lake Lucerne, Obbürgen

Superlative resort situated in a unique location on Lake Lucerne.

General building data

Address: Bürgenstock Resort/6363 Obbürgen
Completion: 09/2018
Builder/owner: QDHP Swiss Management AG/Katara Hospitality
Architecture office: Rüssli Architekten AGMatteo Thun & PartnersStücheli Architekten

Bürgenstock Hotels and Resort Lake Lucerne, Obbürgen

With four hotels, the Bürgenstock Resort is the largest tourist facility in central Switzerland. Many existing buildings were demolished to make way for extensive redevelopment in historic surroundings. The new Hotel Bürgenstock sits atop the Bürgenstock mountain, 440 metres above sea level. From the lobby, there is a spectacular view across the lake.
Opened after nine years of construction, the complex comprises 30 buildings, making it the largest tourist facility in central Switzerland. Some buildings, such as the historic Palace Hotel, which opened in 1904, have been renovated in compliance with the strict requirements for protecting historic buildings. Other buildings, such as the 5-star Superior Hotel Bürgenstock, were completely rebuilt.
The challenge for the architects and designers was to harmoniously combine the old and the new. The hotel and the interior design are inspired by trendsetting film production designs. The historic salon with its tiled stove, the cigar lounge with its smoked glass panels and the streamlined, spacious lobby have one thing in common: a breath-taking view of the lake and Alps. Natural materials such as wood, natural stone, leather and glass are prominent throughout the entire resort.

Customer's requirement for dormakaba

  • Barrier-free design for the interior and exterior

  • Elegant design that blends harmoniously into the whole

  • Combine hidden technology and high functionality

  • Structured locking systems for different user groups

  • Coordinate access control

dormakaba solution

For the past 150 years, the Bürgenstock has stood for luxury in a class all its own. Then, as now, the Bürgenstock Resort attracts the rich and famous from all over the world. Audrey Hepburn said ‘Yes’ to Mel Ferrer at the Bürgenstock. Sean Connery, Sofia Loren, Henry Kissinger and Konrad Adenauer are just some of a long list of famous guests.
In addition to functionality, the dormakaba products had to have a discreet design that could be integrated seamlessly into the overall design. The integrated ITS 96 door closer offers comprehensive solutions for concealed door closers. The TS 93 door closer with tried-and-tested EASY OPEN technology also makes it easy to open doors.
Different door operator surface finishes and materials, such as the ES 200 sliding door operator or the modern ED 100/250 swing door operator, offer a high level of convenience when coming in and out. Together with the varied architecture and settings, they create a harmonious whole throughout the entire complex.


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