Product Summary

The Basic series has basic functions which allow a very user-friendly operation.

Different metal input units are available with silicone keypad or with robust membrane keypad. The "3190" version is also available as a sight-protected model.

Depending on the safe version, the lock system can be supplied with either a deadbolt or a swing bolt. With the patented, spindleless swivel bolt technology, the bolt is pushed back by actuating the bolt mechanism. A separate, manual bolt opening is therefore not necessary.

Product Details

  • Master, manager, up to 2 users
  • 6 digit combination
  • Dual-mode and silent alarm options


  • EN 1300 B, VdS class 2, UL type 1, CNPP a2p

Power supply

  • 9-volt battery (not included)
  • Auxiliary power supply options


  • Die-cast lock case and bolt
  • Lock mounting set, incl. 3 screws M6

Lock case mounting positions

  • Right hand, left hand, vertical up, vertical down

Technical Details

Input units

  • 3000
    • Input unit: Metal, satin chrome
    • Battery case: Integrated, 2 x 9 v block battery*
    • Key pad: Silicone
    • Cable length: 914 mm (36”)
    • Deadbolt available: No
    • Swingbolt available: Yes
  • 3035
    • Input unit: Metal, satin chrome, ultra-low profile 
    • Battery case: Separate battery box*
    • Key pad: Silicone
    • External power contact: Yes
    • Spindle option for dead bolt: Yes
  • 5715
    • Input unit: Metal, satin chrome, angled
    • Power: 1 x 9-volt battery (not included)
    • Keypad: Metal dome, backlighting
    • Cable length: 460 mm (18”)
    • Spindle option for deadbolt: No
  • 5750
    • Input unit: Metal, satin chrome, low profile
    • Power: 1 x 9-volt battery (not included)
    • Key pad: Metal dome, backlighting
    • Cable length: 460 mm (18”)
    • Spindle option for deadbolt: Yes

* Not included in delivery


  • 4200M Swing bolt
  • 3740M Dead bolt
  • 3734 Spring bolt

Lock options

  • Metric or standard mounting hardware
  • Threaded dead bolts for attachment to bolt works, metric or standard


  • 9-volt alkaline block battery
  • Wall Plug Transformer 220 volt AC (EU-plug) with battery port connector, without VdS certificate (110v or 220v plug)



  • Master (super master reset)
  • 1 Manager
  • 1 User

Lock functions

  • Add/delete/enable/disable users (manager only)
  • Silent alarm mode (manager only, optional upgrade)
  • Dual-mode (optional upgrade)

General functions

  • Low battery signal
  • Wrong-try penalty after 4 false codes
  • LED and beeper function indicators
  • 63 Audit events (optional upgrade, unique keypad required)

Tresorschloss La Gard - Eingabeeinheit 5715

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