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Product Summary

The Axessor IP electronic safe lock is a modular, expandable network lock that can be operated individually or in combination with several thousand safe locks.

It is used wherever organizational flexibility, fast response times and increased security are required.

It is the ideal safe lock for organizations with large branch networks such as banks, post offices, retail and restaurant chains.

  • Networked lock system significantly reduces administration and maintenance costs.
  • Extensive access authorization system.
  • Software development package for customer-specific software applications.
Product Details

EN 1300 level B, VdS Class 2, UL Type 1, ECB●S, A2P
VdS bolt switch for alarm systems class C


  • 1 Master code
  • 4 Manager codes
  • 36 User codes
  • 1 Courier code

Access Rights

  • Selectable access by managers and users for immediate locking
  • Selectable lock opening by master and manager
  • Selectable manager access to users of all groups

Event history/Audit

  • Audit with time stamp (10000 events)

Alarm Connection

  • Outputs
    • 2 Outputs (e.g. bolt position, duress alarm, additional trigger criteria programmable). Selectable polarity (NO or NC)*
  • Inputs
    • 2 Inputs (e.g. door contact, remote blocking, additional trigger criteria programmable). Selectable polarity (NO or NC)*

Power Supply

  • Battery and/or external power supply

Input Unit

  • Metal housing in black
  • Silicon rubber keypad with red navigation keys
  • Integrated battery compartment
  • Large, contrasted LC display
  • Operator selectable display language
  • Buzzer
  • Built-in USB interface
  • Up to 14 locks

Lock Unit

  • Adaptable bolt function: Dead bolt/Spring bolt**
  • Latch bolt version** available
  • 5 N moving force in both directions
  • Dead bolt with 2 threads M4
  • Up to 14 locks per input unit


  • Networkmodul
  • 5 x Outouts potential-free
  • 5 x Inputs contact-controlled
  • 2 x Axessor-Bus
  • 1 x LAN
  • 1 x external power supply

Axessor IPNOT Feature* **

  • Input 2 configurable for emergency opening*
  • (-> AS284-W -> Inputs -> assign input 2 to emergency opening -> invert input 2)
    • Remarks:
      • No VdS approval
      • No UL approval

* with Programming Software
** non-VdS

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