Product Summary

Swiss engineering expertise for increased security

Modern technologies mean that security issues are taking on a new dimension as time passes, making them the focus of our considerations once again. We at dormakaba have risen to this challenge and developed a new master key system which, thanks to an additional active element in the key, provides optimum protection against the latest key copying methods.

Added security

A cross-shaped, movable element in the key provides increased protection against illegal copying and further enhances your security.

Patent protection

Kaba star cross keys are protected by patent law. As reliable branded products, they enjoy a high recognition value. This means that the key blanks are not commercially available.

  • Active protection against copies with modern 3D printing processes
  • Higher security by patent, technical and organisational protection
  • Versatile use in many different types of lock cylinders
  • Simple upgrade to electronics
  • Coloured clips and rings for easy organisation

Product Details

An extra plus in security
A cross shaped movable element in the key increases protection against illegal duplicate keys and provides that you win an a plus in security. The Kaba star cross key can lock and unlock its designated lock cylinders only if the active element in the key coincides with the security elements in the lock cylinder.

If this element is removed, the key loses its function. Thus, Kaba star cross offers you even more security against the most modern copy processes and protects your home or business all around.

Kaba star cross key
Kaba star cross
EPD - Environmental Product Declaration

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