Product Summary

Usually, both door leaves are automated on double-leaf doors. The automation of only one door leaf is often sufficient for the person passing through. In this situation, in combination with a standard ED 100 or ED 250, the ED 250 PA comes into play and offers a cost-effective solution.

  • Easy assembly / commissioning
  • Elegant design - only 7 cm high complete solution
  • Comfortable operation - barrier accessible
  • Flexible - Modular upgradeable
  • Cost advantages

Product Details

The ED ESR 1/2

With the ED 100/250 ESR 1/2 the extensive system flexibility is extended by additional configurations. The minimum dimensions of only 7 cm in height, the modular structure and the use of the system components, such as the ESR set, are self-evident.

The Function

  • Fully automated wing with all ED 100/250 functions for a one person pass without compromise
  • Stand without automatic function
  • Stand can be opened by hand
  • The Power Assist function is supported
  • The floor can be kept open when required
  • The system can also be used as a parking brake
  • Use up to EN 6 (without fire protection requirement up to 3.200 mm)
  • Approved for fire and smoke doors
Swing door operator ED ESR ½

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