Product Summary

B-COMM HCM consolidates your time and labor data into one easy-to-use platform that seamlessly interfaces with your ERP system - whether it is SAP, Workday, Oracle/Peoplesoft, Microsoft or a hybrid system. Built on more than 30 years of experience, our complementary solution integrates deeply with your HCM system to make it easy to track and manage employee attendance, shop floor activity, access control and self service.

B-COMM HCM is designed for easy integration into your existing ERP systems – program it once and you can access data across all your platforms 24/7 through a single interface. And from installation to ongoing operations, you have a single point of contact at dormakaba who ensures the system is always optimized for your business.

  • Track activity in real time
  • Collect and analyze critical data from across your business
  • Sync with your ERP systems – one common platform for multiple HCMs
  • Monitor more with B-COMM HCM

Product Details

The big B-COMM HCM benefits

All your time and labor data is accessible through a single platform integrated in your ERP/HCM system and IT landscape, avoiding the common issue of double provision of data.

We build the systems around your organization’s requirements and infrastructure, allowing you to add modules that work for you.

Our black box approach means that B-COMM HCM is programmed once and then runs completely automatically in the background.

The modern browser-based interface gives you access to information 24/7 and connects seamlessly to your organization’s wider IT environment.

Recorded data is saved in a protected database that prevents third party access and allows for secure sharing with authorized users.

ERP Time App
B-COMM HCM also works on mobile devices, giving users anytime, anywhere access.


  • B-COMM for SAP
  • B-COMM for Workday
  • B-COMM for Oracle HCM
  • B-COMM for PeopleSoft
  • B-COMM for Dynamics 365
  • B-COMM for SAP ByDesign
  • B-COMM for HR Access


Time recording – Keep track effortlessly
Time is money for you and your employees, so it is critical that you can track working times conveniently and accurately.

Our ergonomically-designed time recording terminals and WebTerminal with self service functionality make it simple to capture and process time and attendance data accurately, eliminating errors and simplifying payroll runs. Our solution reduces the workload of your HCM system by checking and certifying all terminal data, and the intuitive interface gives you access to all master data and working schedules along with device.

Our service includes:

  • Time recording terminals and WebTerminal with self service functionality
  • Device management
  • Booking and master data overview

Access control – Simplify safety and security
B-COMM HCM provides simple-to-use access control tools to help you manage entry to your premises to keep your premises and employees safe and secure. Our technology connects seamlessly to the wider dormakaba access control system to make it easy and cost-effective to monitor security and control who has access, where and for how long.

Available functionality includes:*

  • Authorization management
  • Visitor management
  • Car park management
  • Managing access rights from one or multiple locations
  • Alarm management

* Specifically compatible with SAP systems

Shopfloor data collection – Unlock competitive advantage
Gathering data in real-time from the shopfloor allows you to constantly screen and optimize your production costs and processes. B-COMM HCM brings together all the information you need in one easy-to-use interface from how busy your manufacturing line is and how much individual orders are costing to fault and reject reports.

Our solution includes:*

  • Information on order progress and status at all times
  • Improvements on the production process and shorter lead times
  • Reduced overhead costs and idle time
  • Improved delivery reliability and increased customer satisfaction
  • Precise data for analysis

* Specifically compatible with SAP systems and other ERP systems on request.


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