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resivo by dormakaba is a future-oriented, cloud-based access management system.

It offers property administrators, building owners and tenants significant advantages com-pared to conventional mechanical locking systems. No more worrying about lost or stolen keys. Flat handovers are easier and more convenient for the tenant. The system saves time thanks to simple access permission processes for delivery personnel, service providers and contractors. Tenants decide for themselves who should have access to their flat and when – even from afar. resivo unlocks a whole new dimension of building utilisation packed with advantages.

resivo – the ideal access management system for properties and tenants.

  • More efficient processes – Digital and keyless – no complex key management.
  • Simple operation – Access control via intuitive apps for building administrators and tenants.
  • Noticeable cost savings – Lean digital processes and no longer any need to replace cylinders after key loss.
  • Increased earnings – No time-consuming and laborious administration of mechanical keys.
  • Satisfied tenants – Tenants decide for themselves who should have access to their premises and when.
  • Individual planning – New and existing properties can be outfitted and updated as required.

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The resivo access management system scores with three intuitive and easy-to-use applications:

resivo home App
Apart from key fobs and access cards, tenants can use their smartphone as a digital key to open doors – all thanks to the resivo home app. Tenants can assign specific access permissions. Access media and permissions for family, friends or service providers can be assigned and managed flexibly and conveniently. The app is intuitive to use and requires no prior knowledge.

resivo utility App
Building administration employees use this app to let tenants move in and out.

resivo Admin Portal
Managing lease contracts and keys, requesting or issuing access permissions to employees or service and maintenance teams – all this can be done easily and conveniently through the resivo Admin Portal.


Tenant change
Changing tenants has never been this easy. The digital key handovers simplifies administration and makes the hand-off process much easier.

Lost keys
No problems with lost smartphones, access cards, key rings. Lost access media can be deleted and re-issued immediately.

Parking space rental
Managing rented parking spaces is more flexible and quicker than ever. Additional income thanks to multiple use and optimized occupation of parking spaces.

Access for facility management
Provide access to service and maintenance personnel for many units remotely. For one-time or recurring servicing of the building or infrastructure.

Rental of additional rooms
You can let event and storage spaces or single rooms online individually, for a limited time or long-term.

Remote access permissions
During holidays or other absences, access to particular rooms can be assigned remotely for a limited time period.

dormakaba resivo
dormakaba resivo
dormakaba resivo

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