Product Summary

Doors in emergency exits are subject to many different requirements. SafeRoute offers comprehensive functions and options for securing emergency exits, which is why it features a flexible and modular design.

With SafeRoute SLI-A additional cards, the functional scope of the SafeRoute system can be expanded accordingly. For this purpose, the SLI-A application is copied to a licence card in the control unit one time. Applications can be used in accordance with the SafeRoute licence model. Any combination of applications is possible.

  • Greater flexibility thanks to a new licence/application model with no subscription
  • Can be adapted to current needs through expansion at any time
  • You only pay for the functions you actually need
  • Smooth upgrading to an advanced system with more functions
  • Sustainable system thanks to easy upgrading without the need to replace hardware which has already been installed

Product Details

In addition to the licensing model, the applications provide flexibility. They can be used to reload specific functions, e.g. logic functions, the operation of up to four system doors using just one SCU control unit, the configuration of an airlock system and the option of delayed activation.

Multi-door control application

Enables a system to be set up with up to four autarkic doors with just a single SLI main licence. The maximum number of doors which can be outfitted depends on the structural conditions and the system configuration.

Interlock control application

For the control of doors based on the status of other doors, including in combination with time sequences and other complex conditions.

Note: The interlock application includes all the functions of multi-door control.

Logic function application

Serves to link, bundle, process and forward signals. Using the logic application, logic functions such as AND, NAND, OR etc. logic can be defined for the inputs and outputs using TMS-Soft.

Time delay t1 application according to EN 13637

Enables release delayed by up to 15 seconds (t1 delay in accordance with EN 13637).  Required identification and status indication of the time delayed system can occur using the SES-UP illuminated emergency exit sign and in the countdown timer integrated in the SCU. Observe country-specific regulations concerning time delay.

Emergency exit system SafeRoute licence applications SLI-A
Emergency exit system SafeRoute licence applications SLI-A
Emergency exit system SafeRoute licence applications SLI-A

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