Williston Basin International Airport, United States of America

High-Quality Exit Lane Solution from dormakaba Boosts Security at New Airport while delivering Operational Cost Savings

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No Dedicated Staff Necessary Thanks to Electrically Monitored Exit Lane Solution.

Opening in Williston, ND, in late 2019, Williston Basin International Airport integrates dormakaba’s unmanned exit lane breach control system into its security area to electronically monitor the airport’s estimated 325,000 passengers as they exit the secure airside of the terminal. The system’s modular design allows for a seamless solution that conforms to the facility’s needs, while its automated functionality and remote monitoring eliminates the need for the airport to hire dedicated staff for the exit—achieving full ROI in under 18 months.


How can arriving passengers be monitored without the need for dedicated staff?

  • Integrated exit lane breach control system

  • Modular and scalable design

  • Remote monitoring of exit lane

  • No dedicated security guards necessary

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Thanks to the new system, we are extremely efficient in handling arriving passengers. Due to ongoing workforce shortages, we needed an automated Exit Lane solution with remote monitoring that would free our team for other responsibilities.

Anthony Dudas

Airport Director, Williston Basin International Airport


Airport opts for dormakba’s exit security solution due to efficiency and cost savings.

With the local annual wage of a single full-time guard averaging around 45k USD, the cost of manning an Exit Lane around the clock can easily exceed 150k USD per year. Instead, the planners at Williston Basin Airport wanted to invest in hiring staff for daily operational duties and jobs that directly address passengers’ needs. With this in mind, the planners opted for the dormakaba PIL-MO2 16 exit lane breach control door for its quality, price and functionality. The benefits are many:

A configurable design allowing for 2-3 full-height automatic swing doors and 1-2 automatic waist-height swing barriers to be installed in the lane

Foolproof foot traffic control

Physical barrier preventing passengers from entering from the wrong direction

3D stereo sensor technology to monitor passengers

Audible alarms to alert passengers to clear the lane if they:

- Stop
- Hold the door
- Leave an item in the lane
- Attempt to turn around

Nearby staff are electronically notified if a passenger remains in the lane or breaches the exit

Since its installation in 2019, dormakaba’s Exit Lane Breach Control solution has functioned consistently without issue and achieved a full ROI in less than 18 months. The system has also been inspected by TSA multiple times, with tests for left-behind items, thrown objects and unauthorized passage. The Exit Lane has passed each time with flying colors – a federal requirement for any unmanned exit lane.

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