Palazzo creative workspace Saint-Gilles, Belgium

Secure, independent access for co-working spaces


Secure, flexible, Cloud-based solutions

Co-working spaces are becoming increasingly popular. There are, of course, financial advantages – no one has to rent a private office – but the real focus is on contact and exchange among the different people who share the space, from graphic designers to carpenters.

Requirements such as customized real-time access management, visitor management and platform integration need to be met in these spaces, and dormakaba is a reliable partner when it comes to implementing the next generation of access solutions for the modern working world.

  • Location: Rue Théodore Verhaegen 190, 1060 Saint-Gilles, Belgium

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  • Spaces: studios, workstations, shared workshop, event space, meeting rooms, coffee bar


How we provide safe, secure Cloud-based access control?

  • Easy setup requiring no new cables thanks to installation via wireless communication and the exivo app.

  • Real-time management: 24/7 access control, which allows each key to be configured for different timeslots and spaces.

  • Independent management for each team member with a personal choice of medium.

  • All access rights can be assigned or withdrawn at any time, from anywhere.

  • A system which makes receptions superfluous.

  • Provides security, flexibility and freedom.

"The main reasons why I decided to go with exivo are security, flexibility and freedom."
Louise Steyaert

Louise Steyaert



Easy installation with maximum flexibility and security for independent access

Easy setup

You can digitalize your doorways with a straightforward setup that avoids installing any new cables. Our new access control solution uses wireless systems and offers easy management of keys, timeslots and rooms via the exivo app.

Cloud-based access control

Stay in control wherever you are, from a mobile device or laptop. Your users will still be able to access their spaces, even if the internet connection is down.

Time management

Each key can be configured with a specific time slot for access.

Capacity management

Optimize utilization and prevent double bookings thanks to the simple overview. Simply integrate exivo into your platform and enable your customers to book online and receive direct access via a digital key. 

With exivo, dormakaba offers the perfect solution for your bed and breakfast, residential complex, sports facility, school or shared office.

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