RMIT University Melbourne, Australia

The new academic landscape architecture – reinventing campus life with an efficient flow of people


Efficient flow of people for better academic life on campus

RMIT University collaborated with five architecture firms and a landscape architect to renovate four older buildings with sub-optimal energy efficiency. The primary goal was to preserve and rejuvenate the existing buildings. The designs included natural light coming in through glass and open spaces with movable beams, columns and slabs. Our energy-efficient sliding glass doors form a gateway between old and new areas of the university, while our contactless access systems guarantee a seamless flow from the building to the street.


How can access solutions support modern academic life?

  • Systems that ensure an efficient flow of people

  • Spaces that allow swift movement to sustain a lively academic atmosphere

  • Automatic doors that adapt to people’s movements

  • Comfortable access to a new architectural landmark

  • Transparent, barrier-free design

  • Emergency features that protect people and property



Customized access and door solutions for every situation

Solutions defined by security level

Automatic door systems fulfill various functions within a building: they allow safe, comfortable entry, and regulate both the flow of people and access to different areas. Access systems provide increased safety in sensitive areas such as labs, which are only accessible to those with authorization.

Robust and reliable door operators

Swing door drives are available for many applications, from simple single-leaf interior doors to double-leaf automated fire and smoke protection doors. They all come with various features and accessories to meet individual requirements.

Energy-efficient entrance solutions

For main entrances with high footfall, where ease of use is paramount and access systems need to be as attractive as the surrounding architecture, our range of KTC-Comfortline revolving doors provide the perfect answer.

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