Millennium, Switzerland

Office building beyond the unexpected


A new kind of working environment

Combining business with pleasure – this slogan takes on a whole new meaning at Millennium on the outskirts of Lausanne, Switzerland. The standard is no less than that of a 5-star hotel. Discreet luxury and exclusive materials meet the most advanced technologies in this office complex. Tenants have all this at their fingertips. And those who work at Millennium enjoy optimum comfort and exclusive services.


How do you combine the newest technologies with discreet luxury?

By means of:

  • An access system capable of being updated and further developed in the future

  • Networking between the access solution and smart building applications

  • Innovative access methods capable of being integrated into the building app

  • Selected and specially compiled product materials and colours that are in keeping with discreet luxury

  • Close collaboration with specialists and artisans to achieve the perfect result

  • Timeless product design with intuitive user interfaces



dormakaba’s solutions for high-tech, security and comfort

At Millennium, the working environment of the future is based on three pillars: high-tech, security and luxury. Harmoniously combined and perfectly coordinated, these three pillars create an ideal setting for carefree work and productivity.

Flexible access system

Two features of the exos 9300 access management system play a crucial role in this. The system can be continuously developed and adapted to new requirements. An important prerequisite at Millennium, which will continue to rely on innovative, state-of-the-art technologies in the future.

Networkable access system

It must also be possible to connect this to the building’s various systems. A smart building is characterised by the fact that individual systems communicate with each other to improve efficiency and sustainability.

A smart building for smart working

Occupants benefit from automated features that ensure their comfort, such as the insulated glass facade that adapts to sunlight. Or the contactless access and transition points within the building.

However, interfaces between building systems are also essential. For example, a meeting room can be booked via the building app and opened at the required time using a digital key in the app.

No compromises between form and function

When thinking of sliding doors, door closers and access readers, design certainly isn’t the first thing to spring to mind. At Millennium, however, this was just as important.

While most products do their job discreetly and reliably, others really stand out at Millennium.

This is one of the many highlights at Millennium, which welcomes visitors to a new kind of working environment.

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