Product Summary

dormakaba provides several RFID credential options for its complete line of multihousing locks. From convenient fobs and contactless RFID cards with sophisticated information storage to mobile access solutions, dormakaba has credentials for all of your resident needs. 

  • Choose from wristband, RFID card, fob, sticker or mobile access credentials
  • Easily control access to common areas and perimeters
  • Offers convenient mobile access using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
  • Ability to purchase mobile credentials on demand as residents request
  • Reduce costs by reusing and reprogramming keys
  • Option for multiple customizable key levels including resident, zone, master, limited use and emergency

Product Details

  • Compatible with BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) mobile devices (Android, iOS) 
  • High security encryption unique to each property 
  • Compatible with existing MIFARE infrastructures 
  • Custom design with property logo available 
  • Protects against wear and tear with contactless system 

Technical Details

Specifications available: 

  • Mifare Mini 
  • Mifare 1K 
  • Mifare 4K 
  • Mifare Plus 
  • Mifare Ultralight C 


Ideal for multihousing properties 

Multihousing Keycards and Fobs
Mobile Credentials Multihousing
Wristband Credentials Multihousing

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