Product Summary

The Saflok Messenger LENS system is ideal for properties seeking the ultimate in security and guest experience while maximizing operational efficiency. The wireless online system offers a two-way communication between the front desk and the electronic locks. It enables staff to receive notifications or alerts from the locks to a server, an email address or directly to a cell-phone via text message.

The system can also communicate events that occur at the locks to third party devices or systems for greater flexibility and control options.

With Saflok Messenger LENS, you can:

  • Send lock commands directly from the front desk
  • Receive lock alerts & notifications
  • Share lock Information with third party systems

Product Details

  • Radio Frequency (RF) communications at 2.4 GHz, which is globally license-free
  • Secure networking (128 AES encryption)
  • Self-forming networks
  • ZigBee Prostack standard (large scale, network stability, resilient)
  • Ideal for large scale properties (thousands of nodes)
  • Asymmetric link handling
  • Network stability even when modes are within close proximity
  • Extended battery life with deep and special parent functions
  • Resilient – ensured by frequency agility
  • Messenger LENS subscriber disseminates information to authorize recipients in real time


Whether in the traditional Messenger network using the Saflok ZigBee enabled hubs or in a scenario using third-party systems, Messenger LENS provides adaptable solutions for an enhanced guest experience and hotel monitoring.


Saflok Messenger LENS is an available option for the following Saflok locks:

  • Saflok Quantum
  • Saflok Quantum RFID
  • Saflok QuantumII RFID
  • Saflok RT
  • Saflok MT
  • Saflok MT RFID
  • Saflok Adese

Saflok Messenger Lens
Messenger Lens

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