Product Summary

Hardware for Manual Sliding Door Systems

dormakaba offers a comprehensive line of Hardware for Manual Sliding Door Systems including RS 120 / RS 120 Syncro and DRS 120 designed to meet a wide range of application needs.

  • Designed to meet a wide range of application needs
  • Minimal gap dimensions
  • Smooth and easy operation
  • Unmatched durability

Product Details

RS 120 / RS 120 Syncro / DRS 120

The RS 120 and DRS 120 feature a hollow profiled aluminum track that is light, yet rugged and resistant to twisting. It can be fixed directly under the ceiling or onto a wall. Cutting to the required size is simplicity itself. The raised, convex profile of the rail surface prevents dust and dirt collecting. The RS 120 covers are aluminum and easily clipped onto the track. If the track is top mounted onto the ceiling, the covers are used on both sides. If the track is side mounted, the cover is used on the exposed side only. The covers also can easily be cut to size. The RS 120 Syncro features a cable and deflection device for synchronously opening a bi-panel installation. Opening one panel automatically opens the other, so a minimum of effort leads to the maximum opening width.


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