Product Summary

dormakaba’s selection of Keyscan iCLASS SE high frequency (13.56 MHz) readers with Keyscan Elite Key are now discontinued and will no longer be sold as of Sept 30, 2023.  

All customers impacted by this announcement are encouraged to contact their dormakaba sales representative for information about the new  
SIGNO Reader series that are designed to replace all HID iCLASS and HID Proximity readers. 

Keyscan SE credentials for use with these iCLASS SE readers are still available.

Warranty and technical support will continue to be available for the foreseeable future.

Collateral and support material may still be downloaded. For any questions or concerns regarding HID Signo migration plans please contact your dormakaba representative for additional information using one of the phone numbers from the contact section.

iCLASS SE Readers impacted include: 

  • KR10SE mullion 

  • KR40SE standard 

  • KRK40SE keypad

Credentials for these readers are still available: 

  • KC2K2SE clamshell card 

  • KI2K2SE ISO smartcard  

  • KF2K2SE smart fob  

iClass SE Readers Keyscan EAD
iClass SE credentials

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