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Recommended Migration Path & Upgrade Plans 
dormakaba’s Keyscan System VII access control management software has now entered End-of-Life status. dormakaba will no longer sell or support the System VII software.

All System VII customers are encouraged to contact their Keyscan dealer representatives to learn more about the recommended Keyscan Aurora Upgrade Paths and Migration Plans to ensure your Keyscan investment continues to provide you the access control security you rely on. 

How this impacts all customers using System VII 
Keyscan System VII-based access control systems have shown far greater longevity and performance than the industry average for access control systems. However, there will come a time when maintenance is necessary.

Technology of today has outpaced System VII’s software and hardware capability and compatibility. Newer operating systems, integrations; system flexibility; and security threats – to name a few – have evolved considerably. 

Legacy operating systems and hardware such as Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7 (among others) will not support today’s technology and today’s available software and hardware technology will not function using legacy technology.  

This can present a considerable challenge when it comes to performing maintenance or repairs when needed. 

Longevity rests with Keyscan Aurora 
Keyscan Aurora is the solution to keep your Keyscan investment performing for many years to come. But, it requires some planning discussions with your dealer. 

Keyscan Aurora is built to accommodate today’s newer Operating Systems and will give you immediate benefits including many years of system longevity as well as increased data and system security along with a host of new and vastly improved integrations that are well beyond System VII’s capability. 

Keyscan Aurora software was engineered to function with the latest operating systems and maintains an unmatched security platform, coupled with strength and flexibility to outperform even with today’s abundance of integration options. 

Product Details

Greater Integration Options 

Upgrading access control systems will support integration with the latest SMART elevator systems, mobile devices, VMS and IP camera systems, biometrics, intrusion detection technology, IT-centric services, sensor technology, HR and workforce management systems, even HVAC and other building 

Improved Flexibility, Efficiency and Longevity  

Modern access control systems can function with newer reader and credential products and technologies. Efficiency and savings can be substantial even for small organizations.

An upgraded Keyscan access control system brings new capabilities and greater performance into your client’s existing investment. It gives your customers:

  • Advanced functionality
  • More integrations
  • Faster operability
  • Improved performance

Our team can work with you to find a solution that works best for both you and your clients.


Before you experience a need to maintain or repair your Keyscan System VII based software and hardware - dormakaba recommends a migration plan using the new Aurora access control management platform. your dormakaba representative can work with you to develop a migration plan that suits your needs and budget.

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