Product Summary

The E-Plex 3700 narrow stile electronic pushbutton lock supports thousands of users and audit events. It supports three methods of authentication - PIN only, prox card credentials only, or both PIN + prox card.

Compatible with a host of Keyscan, Farpointe and HID 125kHz standard frequency credentials and is an ideal retrofit for various Adams Rite mortise locking devices. E-Plex 3700 can function in standalone offline or wireless modes and can be trusted in many access control applications.

Product Details

Access Control: Electronic PIN/PROX lock for narrow stile aluminum glass doors—with dual credential capability—PIN and/or PROX card (HID,125 kHz, 26 to 84-bit format). Lock is scheduled to require credentials based on security and convenience requirements.

  • PIN only
  • PROX card only
  • PIN + PROX card

Locking Devices: Retrofits inside trim for Adams Rite locks 1850, 1950, 4070, 4510, 4520, 4530, 4710, 4720, 4730, 4900, 4920AN, MS 1850S, MS 1950S, and 8400 Series (not included). Adapter Kit available for various manufacturers’ narrow stile Exit Devices; see accessories section.

Number of Users: Multiple Users—3,000 Users; (300 using feature)

Audit Trail: 30,000 Events with optional software

Programming: Locks can be programmed several ways:

  • Keyscan Aurora and wireless zigbee network
  • Keyscan Aurora offline with M-Unit handheld
  • Keyscan LUNA offline with M-Unit handheld
  • E-Plex Enterprise Software
  • Or, via Keypad with LearnLok feature

Operation Modes:

  • PIN, card or dual credential access
  • Lockout
  • Passage—PIN or key enabled, can be pre-programmed to re-lock after a certain number of hours (from 1 to 24)

Authority Levels: Six different levels allow who has access to specific lock functions, including: Service Codes from single event up to four-day access, programmable in advance, and super user with 24-7 PIN access

User Parameters:

  • Code length: adjustable to accept 4 to 8 digits
  • Anti-tamper lockout: adjustable from 3 to 9 invalid attempts with an adjustable period of 0 to 90 seconds
  • Re-lock time: adjustable from 2 to 20 seconds

Ease of Installation: No wire installation—eliminates wiring to or through the door—no risk of pinched wires

Technical Details

E-Plex 3700 integrates with dormakaba products to provide complete facility access control.

  • Functions online or offline with Keyscan Aurora, Keyscan LUNA Software (offline only) or Enterprise software.

Construction: Extra heavy-duty lockset, solid cast housing, solid cast lever or thumbturn wear tested for extensive use in indoor and outdoor applications

Handing: Non-handed, easily changed in the field

Backset: 31⁄32" (25 mm) minimum

Minimum Stile Recommended: 2" (51 mm)

Key Override:

  • Mortise Cylinder: Mortise Cylinder in Schlage "C" Keyway
  • Interchangeable Cores: Optional Mortise Shell accommodates small format—Best and equivalent (6-pin length)

Door Preparation: Easily installs on narrow stile doors with four mounting screws

Door Thickness: 1¾" (44 mm)

Accessibility Standard: American with Disabilities Act (ADA)

Durability: Designed and fully tested to meet rigid life cycle test and operating reliability per BHMA Grade 1 requirements

Environmental: Indoor/Outdoor Approved Front Housing : -31 °F (-35 °C) to 151 °F (66 °C)

Warranty: 3-year warranty from date of installation; built-in warranty counter in lock memory

Standard Finishes:

  • Satin Chrome 26D (626) housings and levers

Optional Finishes:

  • Dark Bronze (744–simulates 10B/613) housings and levers with Satin Brass (606) pushbuttons


E-Plex 3700 wireless applications using Keyscan Aurora or Enterprise software

  • Up to 100 gateways per network
  • 100 devices (locks/routers) per gateway
  • Up to 8 routers per gateway
  • Locks/routers can be up to 2-hops from gateway
  • Locks will ping and look for closest gateway/router

E-Plex 3700 offline applications using Keyscan Aurora; Keyscan LUNA or Enterprise software

  • Data and permissions are transferred from Aurora software and uploaded to each lock using M-Unit handheld
  • Locks can also be programmed directly

E-Plex 3700 with HID card - Satin Chrome
E-Plex 3600-3700 Series - Satin Chrome
E-Plex 3600-3700 Series - Satin Chrome

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