Product Summary

The ED100LE Low Energy Swing Door Operator employs an innovative, and super-quiet, electromechanical drive that is a perfect solution for facilities who want a quick, quiet, and painless transition from manual doors to touch-free access such as commercial buildings, hospitals, schools, hotels and multifamily buildings.

This swing door operator can automate new or existing swing doors through the use of a push plate, wave plate, or other actuator devices. 

The ED100LE's advanced automatic power assist combines minimal push forces (as low as ANSI size 1) with reliable closing. All common applications for outswing and inswing doors — either with push arm or pull arm. 

The ED100LE is easy to install and makes existing doors easily accessible.

  • Seamless control with integrated hardware power supply and relay.
  • Independently tested to 1 million cycles
  • Built-in door position status, indicating door open or door closed.
  • Close and latch in case of power loss (adjustable closing speed on loss of power).
  • Hardware pre-load functionality for reliable operation.
  • Built-in interface for connection to any access control system.
  • ED100LE offers full power durability in a low-energy setting.

Product Details

Advanced power assist 

The ED100LE combines advanced power assist, reliable closing, and special firmware capabilities to help manage the combination of wind and building pressure. 

Fully ADA compliant 

The operator is especially helpful for children, the elderly, persons with disabilities, or those carrying objects or pushing carts. This fully ADA-compliant device opens doors at precisely controlled speeds and forces, assuring safety for all users. 

Advanced features 

The ED100LE also includes a blow-open feature for smoke ventilation (per NFPA code 92B), permanent hold-open, and an onboard power supply delivering 1.5 amps @ 24-volt DC, which eliminates the need for a secondary power supply. It includes twelve programmable options to accommodate even the most challenging door installations. 

Small footprint 

In addition, the ED100LE low energy operator boasts a small footprint, up to 65 percent smaller than some other manufacturers' operators. 

Technical Details

Onboard power supply for access control devices: 1.5 A @ 24 VDC. 

  • Maximum door size: 48" (1219 mm) wide. 
  • Maximum recommended door weight: 400 lb (181 kg)*
  • Operator weight: 26.58 lb (12 kg). 
  • Operating temperatures: 5° F to 122° F (−15° C to 50° C). 
  • Standard operator dimensions: 27" W × 2-3/4" H × 5-1/8" D (685 mm × 70 mm × 130 mm). 
  • Maximum opening angle: Powered—110° 
  • Non-handed. 

*Doors up to 600 lb (272 kg) under limited conditions. Please consult the factory for doors over recommended weight limits.


Programmable Features 

  • Opening and closing speed.
  • Hold open time: from 0–30 seconds. 
  • Backcheck & latching angles. 
  • Blow open/night bank hold open. 
  • Wall blanking on pull side. 
  • Safety sensor testing. 
  • Delayed opening for unlocking: From 0–4 seconds. Use with electromechanical access control peripherals such as electric strikes or exit devices with electric latch retraction. 
  • Closing force prior to unlocking: Works with the delayed unlocking feature and accommodates reduction of latch bolt locking force prior to releasing the electromechanical access control device 


  • ED100LE operator with attached mounting base. 
  • Fine cover, end and spindle caps. 
  • Low energy accessory installation kit. 
  • Push arm or pull arm kit. 


For interior or exterior use in medium to heavy duty (600 lbs door) settings such as hospitals, care facilities, hotels, restaurants, and at commercial and academic institutions.

ED100LE Clear anodized swing door operator pull model
ED100LE Dark Bronze swing door operator pull model
ED100LE Clear anodized swing door operator push model

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