Product Summary

After careful product analysis we will streamline all electric strikes and electromagnetic lock Access Control Component offerings within the RCI product line beginning July 2023. 

This change will provide customers with access to electronic controls such as electric strikes and electromagnetic locks but also a robust product offering including power supplies, switches, specialty locks, readers and credentials found within the RCI product line. 

How will this impact you? 

Current RCI customers: 

  • No changes. Business will continue as normal 

Current DORMA customers: 

  • Beginning in July 2023, dormakaba will work with you to ensure you are enabled for RCI purchases. 

After July 2023, all orders can be placed through RCI. 

  • By email: 
  • By phone: 888-539-7226
  • RCI equivalent products are available.
  • Please contact your Customer Service Representative with questions specific to your needs.
  • Or, refer to the RCI product and cross reference sheets below.

Product Details

dormakaba’s RCI line of electromagnetic locks (maglocks) are durable and are designed to work on virtually all door applications.  

RCI electromagnetic locks are low-energy, can withstand heavy-duty applications requiring strength and durability, and offer many designs. 


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