Product Summary

Floor-Concealed Door Closer with Electromagnetic Hydraulic Hold Open

The BTS80 EMB Series is an aesthetically pleasing floor closer for fire and life safety, remote release and control, or tempered glass door applications. This closer is an ideal solution in applications where surface applied life safety products cannot be installed or are objectionable due to aesthetics.

  • Concealed installation
  • Privacy and office function
  • Multipoint hold open
  • Mechanical backcheck
  • For fire/life safety applications

Product Details

Electromagnetic hydraulic hold open feature

The BTS80 EMB Series of floor-concealed door closers provide an electromagnetic hydraulic hold open feature, allowing doors to self-close upon the interruption of electrical current, yet remain functional in noncritical situations. The BTS80 EMB includes a selective type hold open with a range of approximately 65° to 175°.

Designed for fire/life safety applications

The BTS80 EMB is specifically designed to be used in fire/life safety applications where the hold open is electrically controlled by a fire alarm contact. The closer is typically placed into the hold open position until a fire alarm condition.

Hold open and privacy function

When installed in conjunction with a maintained control switch, the BTS80 EMB  can be used as a hold open/privacy function. The switch controls the power on (hold open) or off (privacy) to the closer, giving an application, such as in a classroom, two functional characteristics. Use the hold open feature during setup of the room or as occupants enter and exit between sessions. Use the privacy feature during class. Power out when using the privacy feature, preventing doors from being accidentally caught in the hold open position as occupants exit and re-enter as needed.

Office function

In an office setting, the BTS80 EMB can be used to maintain the hold open position of a door until interrupted by a momentary switch located near or on the occupant’s desk when privacy is desired. This office function can be set up as a hard-wired or wireless connection.


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