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Westin Hotel

In downtown Minneapolis, Ryan Construction led a renovation project that transformed a vacant historical landmark into a 4-star Westin Hotel and restaurant —giving new life to the old Farmers & Mechanics Savings Bank building. Shoehorning a modern, fully featured hotel with all the expected amenities into an existing footprint with little or no leeway for expansion was a daunting challenge.


Elness Swenson Graham Architects, Inc. Minneapolis, MN


Ryan Construction Mendota Heights, MN


Wheeler Hardware, Minneapolis, MN


Combs and Associates, Inc. Golden Valley, MN


Minneapolis, MN, United States

DORMA's contribution to the project
Fitting modern convenience into a historic setting was a primary goal. In this light, Ryan Construction chose DORMA Architectural Hardware products for door hardware that could meet aesthetic design goals as well as modern requirements for function, safety, security, and durability.

With DORMA hardware gracing doorways throughout, the renovation achieved its goal of transforming a vacant but valuable landmark into a 4-star hotel. The Westin Minneapolis offers luxury and modern convenience in an evocative setting that rein forces the best of the bank building’s architectural history.