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The Carlyle Condominiums

Located in the historic Mill District near the Mississippi, The Carlyle’s post-modern architecture complements the surrounding buildings, while still creating a grand impression. On the inside, condominiums range from high-end penthouses on the upper stories down to single bedroom condos on lower floors. Most residences have at least one balcony that affords panoramic views of the downtown skyline and the Falls of St. Anthony.


Opus Architects & Engineers, Inc. Minneapolis, MN


The Opus Group


Wheeler Hardware


Combs and Associates


Minneapolis, MN, United States

DORMAs contribution to the project
The Carlyle pays equal attention to the design, luxury, and convenience of each private residence. Every condo is different— customized to the tastes and lifestyles of its owners.

The Opus Architects & Engineers envisioned The Carlyle Condominiums as a luxurious, upscale community —not just individual private homes. DORMA Architectural Hardware helps make their vision a reality. A sense of community depends partly on a sense of safety and security. DORMA exit devices, surface closers, and locksets on interior doorways provide the safety and security residents depend on, and at the same time complement the surrounding décor with stylish design and versatility.