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Sandpiper Cove

Sandpiper Cove Eliminates Lost Keys, Gives Owners Confidence with Latest Oracode Keyless Entry Online Access Control

Sandpiper Cove Fast Facts

  • Located in the heart of Destin
  • White sandy beaches of the Emerald Coast
  • 43-acre resort
  • 1,100 feet of private beachfront
  • 9-hole, par-3 golf course
  • 5 swimming pools and 3 hot tubs
  • 6 tennis courts

The Solution

  • Oracode 460/480 Series Keyless Locks
  • Oracode Smart Controllers
  • BeHome247 Enterprise Property Control Integration
  • Resort Locksmithing

“A successful vacation rental operation is based on providing guests with a satisfying, convenient experience, and giving owners confidence their unit is managed responsibly. Oracode locks deliver this for Sandpiper Cove. Oracode online access control locks and Smart Controllers eliminate problems with guests losing keys and frees them to leave their unit without coming to our rental office.”

Jack Scelsi
General Manager
Sandpiper Cove

Sandpiper Cove, located on Florida’s Gulf Coast, needed to upgrade their locks with modern technology that provided their guests with greater convenience. Sandpiper Cove manages over 400 units in Destin, Florida. With a 43-acre resort including a private beachfront, five swimming pools, three hot tubs, six tennis courts, boat slip rentals and a 9-hole, par-3 golf course. Sandpiper property managers wanted an access control solution that would withstand the harsh seaside salt air environments and also enable them to monitor property conditions.

Being one of the oldest resorts in Destin, Sandpiper Cove sought an updated solution to appeal to all age ranges and simplify the day-to-day management. They desired locks that could ensure sand and extreme weather conditions for years to come and keep up with the demanding functionality of the evolving vacation rental market.

The Oracode Solution
Oracode 460/480 Series Keyless Locks 
Oracode Smart Controllers 
BeHome247 Enterprise Property Control Integration
Resort Locksmithing

Oracode enables Sandpiper Cove property managers to grant guests, housekeepers, and other maintenance contractors a specific, time-sensitive code to use to enter the property. Oracode online access control locks and smart controllers eliminate problems with guests losing keys and frees them to enter and leave their unit without having to visit the rental office. Guests can arrive to their vacation rental property any time of day or night without having to check in with an employee, providing them greater flexibility and convenience. 

“This eliminates the expense of having a locksmith come out to change locks every time a guest loses a key,” said Tammy Turner, manager, Sandpiper Cove. “Plus, guests don’t have to worry about looking after their key at the beach.” 

The Oracode locks community via broadband with dormakaba smart controllers enabling an integration with partner BeHome247, an enterprise property control software. This integration gives Sandpiper Cove real-time control of unit access and provides owners with visibility and control of unit temperature, lighting and other home settings. Sandpiper property managers also receive alerts for important vacation rental activity, such as when a guest checks in and out of the unit. The Oracode Smart Controller and BeHome247 systems alert management if batteries need changing. They also communicate with unit thermostats to track when HVAC units need maintenance. With BeHome247, managers can easily change settings from cool to heat mode to avoid frozen pipes in the winter without having to visit the property. “This helps us provide a better vacation experience for guests and lets us manage our units proactively to save on operational expenses and our employees time,” Turner said.