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Iron Horse Hotel

It seemed a good idea to Tim Dixon, owner/developer of the Iron Horse Hotel in downtown Milwaukee: create an upscale hotel that mingles “business suits and biker leathers.” His good idea became reality when Dixon renovated and preserved a neglected 100-year old brick warehouse with a close-up view of the spectacular new Harley Davidson Museum.


Tim Dixon Dixon Development LLC, The Kubala Washatko Architects, Inc.


Kelly Construction and Design, Ltd.


LaForce, Inc.


Milwaukee, WI, United States

DORMA's contribution to the project
The renovated warehouse/hotel retains existing timber supports, leaves brick walls exposed, and utilizes other interior components as sculptural elements. Everything modern has been fitted into the venerable old space.

Secure and durable DORMA Architectural Hardware was selected for efficient new doorways in the renovated space. Specifiers were able to choose from a wide range of finishes and trim styles to match the innovative decor, without compromising requirements for reliable, safe, and secure hardware.