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Hillwood Development Company

Hillwood Adds Mobile Access to Tacara Village

“The dormakaba integration with Dwelo is a differentiator for us... We’re the first to offer smart home features in our area. Residents can unlock their doors, control their thermostats so they stay nice and cool in the Texas heat, and control their lights right from their phone.”

Cara Glover 
Director of Multifamily Operations 
at Hillwood

Fast Facts

  • Located in Fort Worth, TX
  • 322-unit multifamily property
  • Mobile access convienance
  • Saffire integration with Dwelo


Hillwood Development Company of Fort Worth, Texas, is setting the standard for smart living by integrating security, service, and amenities into modern, convenient technology solutions at its Tacara Village property. The company has integrated the Dwelo smart home platform with dormakaba’s Saffire LX Series electronic locks featuring Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) technology. This combination gives mobile-minded residents the convenience of using a smart device to simplify access throughout the property.

The Challenge
“It’s imperative that we’re forward thinking and offer modern, convenient amenities for our residents that they enjoy,” said Glover. “They’re eager for it and they love the convenience of unlocking their apartment door for guests or dog walkers when not at home.”

The Solution
dormakaba worked alongside Dwelo to integrate Saffire smart locks into the Dwelo app. The Saffire LX Series features sophisticated RFID technology in a contemporary design. Easy-to-use, flexible and secure, these locks were designed specifically for multihousing properties and can be retrofitted into any environment for a high performance and seamless look throughout a property. Saffire is managed by dormakaba’s web-based Community™ access management software. Integrating dormakaba with Dwelo provides intuitive access management of residences, amenities, common areas, and perimeters from a single platform. It also offers the convenience of both RFID credentials such as fobs or key cards and BLE mobile access keys for a seamless experience with no need for additional software.

The Benefit
The integration of Saffire is not only a convenience for residents but also for maintenance staff. Programming access to multiple units at one time is simple for the team. A key benefit that the Senior Development Manager for Hillwood Multifamily wanted to implement was touch-free access was the transformation of common doors as well as unit doors to touch-free also appreciates the ability to retrofit the properties that are not yet smart enabled.

“Tacara is a 322-unit, Class A multifamily property,” said Price. “It was developed with the intention of including smart home technology. We wanted to be touch-free on the property from common area doors all the way to the unit door, and it is enabled by the Dwelo app.”

The Saffire LX Solution

  • User-friendly. Simple and easy for tenants to access their amenities
  • Secure. Trusted technology combined with reliable locks.
  • Efficient for building maintenance teams
  • Ability for residents to unlock unit when away from home.

“In terms of holistic solutions, the hospitality market is ahead of multifamily, but we’re catching up,” said Price. “From the moment a resident enters our property, their experience begins. Connectivity and smart apartments are changing the landscape of the resident experience in positive ways. It’s engagement reimagined.”