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East Middle School

Lying south of Milwaukee, Oak Creek, Wisconsin, is a rapidly growing community with a population that increased nearly 70% in twenty years. Like other growing cities, Oak Creek faced the challenge of meeting the educational needs of its K-12 students, whose numbers were expanding year by year. These needs were met in part when the $24 million, 180,000 sq ft East Middle School opened its doors.


Eppstein Uhen Architects


VJS Construction Services


Block Iron & Supply Company, Inc.


Oak Creek, WI, United States.

DORMA's contribution to the project
The continual comings and goings of boisterous preteens puts a heavy demand on both internal and external doorways throughout the school. To stand up to the wear and tear as well as to ensure students’ safety and security, contractors VJS Construction Services chose versatile DORMA Architectural Hardware.