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Cozen O'Connor

DORMA PURE Enclose™ and Enclose Fusion™ glass office fronts throughout Cozen O’Connor’s new space provide the openness they desired, allowing light and air to flow freely throughout their working environment. In addition to accomplishing the customer’s aesthetic objectives, the glass fronts also encourage communication and interaction between team members. At the same time, the unique design of DORMA’s office doors featuring full frame door seals combined with offset top and bottom patch fittings, allows them to close tightly, providing effective sound insulation and privacy.

Each floor also has an installation of DRS 120 sliding door hardware, which feature a hollow profiled aluminum track that is light, yet rugged, and resistant to dust and dirt because of its raised, convex shape. The locksets are M9000 Series Grade 1 heavy-duty mortise locksets, which provide exceptional security, enhanced aesthetics, and dependability.



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Eric Forberger


Philadelphia, United States

DORMA's contribution to the project
DORMA’s glass wall systems provide Cozen O’Connor with the aesthetic advantages of glass walls while effectively dampening sound transmission and adding structural definition without impeding sightlines. The law firm has discovered the new open, inviting office space has made a world of difference in how everyone works and interacts.